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Edgewood Consulting Group has developed several tools to support various aspects of Category Management and Shopper Marketing. These solutions were developed by CPG industry practitioners in order to meet the everyday needs and requirements of our clients. All are offered to our clients in turnkey service bureau support.


Driving Innovation, Performance, and ROI

As an award-winning, leading-edge, and full-service assortment variety duplication system, AssortmentEdge® delivers item-level recommendations directly to retailers using a strategic approach to assortment optimization. It uses qualified data and strategic inputs from a range of sources to deliver transparent, flexible, and objective category Best Practices Assortment Analyses that enhance sales, traffic, profit, and shopper targeting objectives.

Clients have used AssortmentEdge® to:
  • Guide customer facing and internal line optimization for brands and retailers
  • Manage facings/space optimization to ‘sell more with less,’ thus maximizing ROI on shelf while minimizing OOS
  • Drive sales and expand distribution of current and new product to gain incremental space and sales
AssortmentEdge® has been utilized for over 20 years by manufacturers and retailers in the U.S. and internationally across categories in both B&M and Online.
AssortmentEdge® is a Category Captain in Progressive Grocer magazine being recognized over 100 times for helping to build category sales and profits for manufacturers and retailers. Some of the key retailers include:


Understanding your starting point is the first step to achieving measured progress. TPO helps clients continually improve and maximize both financial and strategic ROI on Revenue Growth Management.


For Big Results, Think Small

As a turnkey solution built for CPG and tailored for brands and retail partners, PrecisionEdge® leverages the power of big data analytics to focus at a granular level on shoppers, stores, and timing.


PricingEdge® incorporates key insights and leverages existing studies to support development and execution of strategies and tactics on a customer-specific basis. PricingEdge® helps to yield a better ROI by analyzing sales productivity, savings, and growth, helping brands and retail partners achieve strategic short- and long-term goals.

Vision & Growth Platforms (VGP)

Driving success by understanding unique behavioral relationships at a granular level.


Understand challenges & opportunities for innovation.


Develop innovative solutions based on defined strategies.


Deliver results that are customized & ready for execution. 

Shopper Activation

Thought Leadership Platforms

Customer Selling Propositions

Shopper Activation Creative

Additional Services

Integrated Management Consulting

Planning is more important than ever. ECG offers strategic marketing, sales, and trade business development solutions that help companies build and execute winning strategies.

Vitality Assessment provides a comprehensive review & analysis of the business, yielding valuable insights and gaining an understanding of:

  • trade perspective of the category and the key competitors,
  • competitive sales practices,
  • and changing dynamics related to retail pricing, distribution, and merchandising performance.

ECG offers perspective on the financial dynamics of Private Label and manufacturers in distinct categories. We provide quantitative estimates regarding key financial components as well as identification of qualitative issues that may be affecting the category. From there, we develop strategic and tactical recommendations on how to effectively compete with Private Label.

Additional Services

Alternate Offerings

Edgewood employs a wide array of customizable solutions to exceed the needs of our clients.

Trade Insight and In-Market Discovery

Business Framework and Dashboard Reporting

Actual Shopper Behavioral Tracker

Net Revenue and Spending Optimization

Category, Department and Aisle Best Practices