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Edgewood Consulting Group

is committed to building sales, brand equity and profits for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and their retailer partners.

Edgewood Consulting creates competitive advantage by seamless integration with your team to guide insight, innovation and implementation that generates proven results.

When results matter™... we can help.

What We Do

We generate "win-win" solutions for CPG manufacturers and their retail partners. Our insights, innovation, implementation approach generates award-winning results that drive sales, profit and competitive advantage.

We also support other industries such as media, nonprofits, and new ventures. Edgewood Consulting maintains a global presence whether it's optimizing shelf space in Des Moines, Iowa or introducing a new brand in Guangzhou, China.

Value-Added Partnership

Edgewood Consulting fosters strategic partnerships by providing an objective, strategic perspective as well as tactical support to retailers on behalf of our manufacturer clients. We accompany clients on dozens of thought leadership collaborations each year with retail buyers, category managers and directors at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Publix, HEB, Target and others. Edgewood also serves as a strategic advisor to retailers in support of on-boarding new buyers and managers transitioning to new categories.

Our Approach

  • Insights

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  • innovate

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  • Implement

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  • case studies

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