Our History

The company was founded in 1996 when two CPG veterans from Nabisco Foods joined to form Edgewood Consulting Group. The vision was to help clients identify shopper insights that are synthesized and lead to the development of effective strategies and innovation while at the same time provide the tools and support needed to ensure effective implementation at retail. 

This vision remains the company’s guiding principle today, over 15 years later.

While our approach has remained consistent, our toolbox has grown and evolved as the industry has changed. We have increased our knowledge base through development of new research tools, the adoption of technology and the growth of social media. In order to meet the needs of the industry, we have developed expertise in emerging channels and the diverse shopper experiences in each one. Finally, we understand the shift in demographics and impact of technology that have changed shopper dynamics for manufacturers and retailers.

Today, Edgewood Consulting has multiple office locations across the US and internationally to help support the global initiatives of our expanding client base.