Thought Leadership Generating Results for Brands and their Retail Partners

  • Shopper Decision Hierarchy in an

    Omnichannel World

    September 2020 | Jeff Rehling

    Can your category market structure reflect the typical shopping decision process when shopping today is anything but typical?

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  • Navigating uncertainty: crisis

    May 2020 | ISRAEL J. RODRIGUEZ, JR.

    First in our 4 part series on Navigating uncertainty in a post Covid-19 world.

    The Covid 19 crisis hit US retail stores in late February and early March, 2020 and resulted in more fear, chaos and disruption…

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    May 2020 | ISRAEL J. RODRIGUEZ, JR.

    Second in our 4 part series on Navigating uncertainty in a post Covid-19 world.

    We asked retailers what the next phases will be like and when they will begin, and the most common first answer was an honest “I don’t know.”

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    Third in our 4 part series on Navigating uncertainty in a post Covid-19 world.

    Retailers described in detail the issues they need to address in the next two to three months.

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  • NAVIGATING UNCERTAINTY: thought leadership


    Last in our 4 part series on Navigating uncertainty in a post Covid-19 world.

    Now more than ever, retailers are eager for actionable insights and thought leadership from trusted suppliers, manufacturers and consultants.

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  • collaborative shopper marketing

    April 2020 | Israel J. Rodriguez, jr.

    Many CPG manufacturers are looking to ‘net revenue management’ which is a realization and reaction to over-dependence on cost-cutting and short term promotion dependence that boosts revenue for a while until it runs its course.

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    February 2020 | Israel J. Rodriguez, Jr.

    When I started my career in brand management, I learned that marketing is filled with helpful maxims like ‘AIDA’(marketing adoption process: attention, interest, desire and action), the ‘four p’s of marketing’ (product, price, place and promotion). One of the simplest and useful lessons my director taught me was “the best way to grow the bottom line is to increase the topline.” 

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    February 19, 2019 | ISRAEL J. RODRIGUEZ, JR.

    Webster’s dictionary defines shopability as (noun): The condition of a store or commercial website that makes it easy for a customer to find items for purchase.
    Retailers we’ve talked to define shopability more broadly to encompass the retail and omnichannel shopping experience. The more efficient, pleasant, informative and fulfilling the shopping experience is, the better.

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  • NEXT LEVEL ASSORTMENT: Targeting Incremental sales

    November 6, 2018 | Israel J. Rodriguez, Jr.

    The fastest way to maximize category growth is to add highly incremental products. How much incremental sales new products add is a function of volume and how they drive new or more usage occasions or new shoppers.  Pulling either lever grows the category faster.

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  • NEXT LEVEL ASSORTMENT: Shopper insights drive efficiency

    september 18, 2018 | ISRAEL J. RODRIGUEZ, JR.

    Retail category managers tell us that pressure on shelf space continues to mount due to SKU proliferation, pace of innovation and space needs from other categories.

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  • Next Level Assortment

    August 29, 2018 | Israel J. Rodriguez, Jr.

    Running assortments or planograms for retailers is meticulous and time-consuming. What if we thought of assortments as opportunities to build better collaborative partnerships with our retail partners?

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