Go-to-Market Innovation

Innovation is much more than "new products"; it's finding new ways to go-to-market. It means creation of effective, actionable strategies and tactics that are built upon relevant consumer, shopper and retailer insights.

"Innovation" can take any number of different forms, from development of an innovative new Shopper Marketing event or Category Management initiative all the way to more strategic challenges, such as Rx-to-OTC switches or reinventing the in-store experience. How do we do it? One word: Synthesis. The creative yet rigorous process of combining various components, whether it is different ideas, insights, concepts or influences, into a new element.

Retail Marketing Mix Optimization

Optimize your retail marketing mix to boost sales growth, competitive advantage, profit and ROI for your brand, your category and your retail partners.

RMO™ leverages a broad array of insights, advanced analytics and proven strategies to maximize results at retail.

  • collaboration

    Earn a seat at the table to control your own destiny at retail

    • Strategic Collaboration

    • Channel Strategy includes Omni-channel)

  • impulse

    Brands and retailers can maximize ROI and achieve strategic goals:

    • Trade Promotion Optimization

    • Pricing Optimization

  • Shopability

    Improve shopability, distribution and shelf productivity:

    • Assortment

    • Shelf Productivity

    • Aisle Best Practices

  • shoppers

    Actionable insights on consumers, shoppers and targets for you brand, category and customers:

    • Shopper Targeting

    • Shopper Education

"Edgewood takes a hands-on approach with us as a true partner... the results are outstanding!"

Director of Category Management at leading manufacturer

Category Management

Category Management is the driving force in winning at the "moment of truth". Assortment, Shelving, Promotion and Pricing are the levers that must be optimized to win. As the amount of information grows, Category Management is an even bigger competitive advantage including the need to analyze, synthesize, and generate innovative and actionable strategies and tactics that maximize sales and satisfy shopper needs

Over the last 20+ years, Edgewood Consulting has provided Category Management support and shopper/retailer-targeted solutions in over 50 categories. We are proud that Edgewood Consulting has generated over 100 Progressive Grocer Category Awards for our clients for excellence in Category Management that generates results.

Category Management Case Study

Although many of our processes and approaches are proprietary, they have been developed within the traditional construct of Category Management:

  • Assortment 

    The first step in a manufacturer's Category Management engagement is establishing the right items a retailer should carry based on shopper needs, category strategy, and retailer objectives. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the optimal approach incorporates strategic inputs and data to fuel the analytics supporting the assortment. Based on this experience, we created AssortmentEdge®, the industry's leading-edge variety duplication process and technology solution.

  • shelving

    Industry studies have identified where shopper's "moments of decision" are along their paths to purchase with many taking place at the retail shelf. Edgewood's shelf optimization includes configuration of the set, adjacencies, space allocation and location for individual categories and across the store. We have extensive experience in developing actionable solutions from simulated shelf tests and in-store intercepts to fielding multi-dimensional control store tests with retailers.

  • promotion

    Applying the right type of processes, tools and analytical rigor allows clients to take trade promotion from the "black hole" of spending to a shopper-centric growth driver. Through the use of our proprietary Trade Promotion Optimization (TPOSM) process, Edgewood Consulting has successfully guided the development of spending plans for over 35 brands, accounting for over $1.0 Bn in trade investment.

  • pricing

    The Edgewood Consulting approach to Price optimization leverages advanced price elasticity analytics and economic theory in a user-friendly way. Our technology solution, PricingEdge®, incorporates key pricing insights and facilitates execution of critical findings on a retailer-specific basis.

"By spending the time to get to know us upfront and going the extra mile in terms of execution, the people at Edgewood really helped bring Category Management alive for our organization."

John Barry, Vice President, Sales Strategy and Trade Planning, Johnson &  Johnson

Focused Innovation Sessions

Edgewood Consulting is committed to supporting our clients' sales, marketing, new product, and go to market strategy development.

Edgewood's Focused Innovation techniques are proven to generate cross functional innovation that yields superior results.

We run sessions for our clients before and after sales/marketing plans to develop and refine strategies and tactics that drive sustainable competitive advantage in:

• New Product Development (within category or new platforms, categories, and channels)

• Consumer Advertising and Promotion

• Shopper Marketing

• Sales/Customer Marketing initiatives

• Private Label strategy

• Competitive Strategy war-gaming

Focused Innovation Case Study

Retail Transformation

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers face a host of major challenges. As a result, they seek solutions that leverage Service, Quality, Price/Value and, most importantly, In-Store Experience to attract and retain shoppers.

Edgewood Consulting uses a unique approach called RetaiLogix™ to developed shopper-centric retail innovation.

Transforming the in-store environment allows retailers to better capture new offerings, and emerging trends and categories. Through RetaiLogix™, we can create a shopper-centric aisle solution that leverages the five senses to better engage shoppers. These changes in aisle and in-store experience establish competitive advantage while increasing shopper satisfaction and loyalty.

RetaiLogix™ Case Study

"RetaiLogix™ helps Brands collaborate with their retail partners to differentiate them from retail competition in ways that capitalize on conversion opportunities and build shopper loyalty."

Jeff Rehling, Principal, Edgewood Consulting Group

Brand Leadership

Brands, especially new products, are the lifeblood of the CPG industry.

Edgewood Consulting has significant experience as both practitioners and consultants in brand leadership. Our consultants have led successful initiatives in the following areas:

• New Product process, ideation and development on numerous Food, OTC, and Hard Good categories both in the US and internationally.

• New Product commercialization support to achieve best in class retail/in-market results for year one and beyond.

• Rebranding initiatives that reposition a brand and company through the creation of new and differentiated identities.

• Brand Development through Licensing, both as the Licensee and Licensor of various major equities.

• Competitive strategy to defend brands or build them.

New Product Brand Revitalization Case Study

"Edgewood possesses the best combination of creativity and analytical depth I've ever seen. They're outstanding."

Debra Kelly-Ennis, former SVP Marketing, Gerber and Division President, General Motors

Shopper Marketing

From our perspective, Shopper Marketing is much more than trade promotion strategy, in-store events or retailer tie-ins. Our comprehensive view of Shopper Marketing embraces the challenging world of pre-purchase dynamics (product quality, social media, and online communities). Any time there is interaction between the consumer, retailer and brand, Shopper Marketing can and should play a role.

As an industry Thought Leader, Edgewood Consulting has been at the forefront of developing Shopper Marketing solutions for both suppliers and retailers. Some engagements have been broad, including the integration of Shopper Marketing into established manufacturer processes such as Marketing Planning, Sales Development, Customer Planning and Category Management. At the other end of the spectrum, we have significant experience in optimizing trade promotion strategies and tactics and developing of in-store promotional activity. For all engagements, Edgewood Consulting develops a customized approach to meet the unique objectives and requirements of our clients.

According to a 2012 study by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Shopper Marketing budgets are growing and provide a greater ROI than most Marketing Mix elements. In our experience, the greatest benefit of Shopper Marketing engagements between manufacturers and retailers is the ability to align on common objectives by focusing on growing both a category and a specific brand at the same time.

Shopper Marketing Case Study

"Today's demanding retail environment requires us to go beyond 'shopper insights' and have a greater understanding of shopper dynamics."

Joe Kaplan, Vice President, Market Development Organization, Post Foods

Rx to OTC Switches

Switching a product from the pharmacy to over-the-counter (OTC) can be a game-changing opportunity for both Manufacturers and Retailers.

Edgewood Consulting has extensive experience working with manufacturers and retailers in the area of Rx to OTC switches. This includes development of a Best Practices approach to optimize switch commercialization. We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with Manufacturers and Retailers to ensure that the most relevant strategies and tactics are employed.

"Edgewood provides a wealth of experience and a needed perspective on what it takes for a successful switch. Their insights on how to go to market are incredibly valuable to setting strategy." 

Phil Kantor, former Marketing Director, Novartis Consumer Health

"To continue to be seen as a Thought Leader with our retailer partners, we've got to broaden our perspective and provide solutions that go across the aisles."

Paul Pritchard, Vice President of Sales, Coty

New Markets/Channels

Most CPG companies are aligned to meet the needs of traditional retail outlets - Food, Drug and Mass Merchandisers. However, some of the fastest growing outlets are in alternative channels including Warehouse Club stores, Dollar outlets, Home Improvement, Specialty outlets and on-line retailing. Best Practice manufacturers tailor insights, strategies, and tactics to the unique shopper needs of each channel/retailer for maximum incremental results as part of their integrated channel strategy.

Edgewood Consulting has extensive experience in helping clients effectively enter new markets and channels. We take a fact-based, strategic approach to develop go-to-market strategies, identify the resources necessary to capture them, prioritize across outlets and determine an optimal organizational structure.

Our work in new markets includes Food and OTC engagements across the globe, from China and Russia to Canada and Mexico. For new channels, we have worked with Manufacturers and Retailers in Warehouse Club outlets, Dollar stores and Specialty retailers across multiple categories as well as online ventures.